God uses experiences and small moments to teach us and prepare us for the big stuff we’re called to. And so therefore, I’m starting to believe that we shouldn’t sit static thinking that someday we’ll reach our best. We can be used wherever we are right now and not only will we grow personally but we will also be able to pour into others lives.

"Are your eyes blushing?"

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Note to self #44

"If you have the ability to love, love yourself first."  - Charles Bukowski



Perfect is, by definition, perfect. But it’s also so boring. You get what you expect, like a roller coaster that rides in a straight line.

Beauty, however, is comprised of imperfection.

It’s because something is flawed that it is beautiful. It is because of the downhill that the roller coaster gets so much speed to go up the next hill. And that hill gives it the height it needs to get the next burst of speed.

Give me your imperfect self any day.

Give me a studder while reading a poem. Give me a droplet of tear while watching a love film. Give me a missed note in a performance, that causes you to improvise and recover and make a brilliant piece of music out of something pre-written. Give me a stress-induced giggle when speaking to the world.

Give me a human being. 

Making something that defies limitation, something that stands above the normal, because it was once below the normal… That is art, to me. It’s a part of our humanity. Highs out of lows, like the rise and fall of our breath. The blinking of our eye. The dimple on one side of our smile. The freckles, the birthmarks, the past scars. 

Flaws are amazing. Beautiful, beautiful imperfections.

You are flawed. And it is okay, because you are beautiful for it. Every light has its darkness. Sun casts shadow. But every darkness has its light. Shadow adds depth and texture and highlight.

Quit focusing on the dark, and instead, pay attention to what it emphasizes. Enjoy your limitations. Know that they merely emphasize what is so great about you.

Oasis - Live Forever

"Putting aside our insatiable desire to have every aspect of our lives, or even the most important aspects of our lives, nailed down before our eyes before we get there"


Mikko Kuorinki

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